Show simple item record Cordes, A. Wallace Oakley, Richard T. Boeré, René T. 2015-11-25T22:28:26Z 2015-11-25T22:28:26Z 1985
dc.identifier.citation Cordes, A. W., Oakley, R. T., & Boere, R. T. (1985). Structure of a bicyclic sulfur-nitrogen-carbon heterocyclic molecule. Acta Crystallograpica Section C, Crystal Structure Communications, C41, 1833-1834. en_US
dc.description Sherpa Romeo green journal en_US
dc.description.abstract 7-Phenyl- 124324b'2,524-trithia-2,4,6,8,9-penta - azabicyclo[3.3.1]nonane, CTHsNsS 3, M r = 255.3, monoclinic, P2Jn, a = 5.958 (1), b = 22.954 (2), c= 7.428 (1) A,/I= 106.25 (1) °, V= 975.2 (4) A 3, Z=4, D x = 1.74 g cm -3, 2(Mo K~) = 0.71073 A, /~ = 7.00 cm -l, F(000) = 520, T = 293 K, R = 0.030 for 1363 unique observed reflections. The planar SNCNS and SNSNS components of the bicyclic molecule make dihedral angles of 137.1 and 118.3 ° with the SNS bridging unit. The S-N bonds connecting the NSN fragment to the CN3S 2 ring are much longer (1.728 A) than those in the remainder of the molecule (1.546- 1.630 A). en_US
dc.language.iso en_CA en_US
dc.publisher International Union of Crystallography en_US
dc.title Structure of a bicyclic sulfur-nitrogen-carbon heterocyclic molecule en_US
dc.type Article en_US
dc.publisher.faculty en_US
dc.publisher.department en_US
dc.description.peer-review Yes en_US
dc.publisher.institution University of Arkansas en_US
dc.publisher.institution University of Guelph en_US

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